My Luis Vuitton Is My Best Companion

Dressing up is a major part of any woman’s day. Many women start planning their outfit from the previous night itself. This is because, they want to look their best at all times and never have a moment where their style is dull or outdated.

I am one such person who takes a lot of care about what I wear and how I look at all times. This is why I never leave home without my louis vuitton bag. This bag is very dear to me and quite frankly cost a fortune for me. But it is doing more than its share of making me look stylish and elegant at all times.

The bag is big, spacious and looks very chic. Just what any girl would want from her bag. If you are planning to buy a designer bag for yourself, there are a few things to consider before you can splurge on the top of the season bag.

  • Budget is very important. When it comes to designer bag, one can get carried away with the looks, style and jus the name on it. In addition to this if it were the best seller of the season, the price is definitely going to be high. When you have a budget in mind, it will stop you from spending too much on the bag and feeling guilty later.
  • It is on if your bag is not the best seller of the season. Sometimes the last season bags are what will work for you. the best about last season bags are, they are much cheaper than the current season collection and they can be on sale too, if you are lucky
  • Never buy a bag just because your favorite film star is carrying it. What works for one need not necessarily work for another. Always keep in mind your wardrobe, the places you visit and then buy the bag.

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