CQI-Mass is all about quality improvement in every aspect of life. Improving the quality of life is a big focus point for us. Improving the quality of healthcare, work conditions, use of systems, etc. is what CQI-Mass is about. Quality is our name and improvement is the name of the game.

The quality of many things tends to be reduced in favor of more money, more work, even more money, or more power. It is usually a result of increasing profit margins. We don’t agree with this practice as we believe that quality is always better than quantity. If the quality of life, work, skills, products, etc. is good, the money will follow.

Our team consists of different people from different careers, states, walks of life, industries, and income brackets. We all advocate quality improvement and aim to improve lives through this blog. This blog is here to encourage our readers to strive for better and not necessarily more. It strives to empower our readers to demand better quality and to mobilize them to fight for that quality.

Quality is important no matter what you are talking about. With better quality and efficiency, the world will be a better, safer, kinder, and more efficient place.