Avoid The Top Event Planners Mistakes

Event planning is a niche area that requires adequate experience, finesse, adroitness and presence of mind. A great deal of thought and effort goes into managing the most intricate and complex details of any event. But one small mistake and you will experience a domino effect where circumstances can spiral out of hand and disaster will cascade down with a turbulence that you won’t know what hit you.

Avoid these mistakes that even top event management companies make sometimes to have a smooth uneventful event.

  1. No backup plan: It is important to understand that sometimes things can go wrong for various circumstances and you must be prepared for such an eventuality. As a professional event planner, you must anticipate all the possible problems that might arise and be prepared for it, plan for it and have your team briefed about such emergencies.
  2. Overlooking setup time: Even though an event is planned days, weeks and months ahead one must not overlook at the actual setup time. It reflects unfavorably on the event management company if there are workers still setting up things when the guests start arriving. You must always plan to finish a few hours ahead of time, thus in case even if some unforeseen event happens you will have back up time to complete before the guest arrive. The goal should be you finish a good half hour before the first guest arrives.

Failing to take written confirmation from vendors: The standard event vendor and supplier deals with multiple clients. You cannot afford them to overlook your requirements. Therefore, it is best to always a have a written confirmation from the vendors once a deal is finalized. It is advisable to follow up with the suppliers and vendors one week prior to the event and again 48 hours before the D day. Should there be a problem this time will be adequate to make alternate arrangements.