The secret 24-hour cranberry juice cleanse before a drug test

Drug test are performed on blood, hair, or urine in order to confirm presence or absence of drug in human body. Before going head and talk about cleansing of body before drug test first I want to tell about how drug is stored in body, in form of THC, chemicals and metabolites they get stored in fat cells. Cranberry juice is not so useful to pass drug test as it cannot clean the metabolites and THC from your body but only can act as diuretic and make you pee like mad, change pH of your urine. This juice cannot make the drug flush out but can act as cleanser to your body and treat many diseases like, urinary tract infection, cleaning liver, kidney stones, diabetes. The only thing you can do 24hrs before drug test is to drink lots of water, usage of fake urine, drinking vinegar which are not so accurate but may help you to pass drug test. If you wanted to pass drug test and you know about the drug test long ago then you have many remedies to do and pass drug test by avoiding weed, drinking lots of water, keeping yours self on diet and cut off THC, chemicals and metabolites stored in fat, eating greens, drinking lemon juice, avoiding junk and eating fiber can help you and passing of drug test will be definitely successful. Cranberry may not help or be a good idea to drink it before 24 hours but using artificial urine cleansers, drinking water, taking b-complex multivitamin, taking aspirin (4-6 hours before test), before giving your sample at least pee twice before and using detoxifying agents will also be helpful. I read this to learn how to pass a drug test.

The useful hair health fun facts

Hair is a wonderful part of the body that is created in order to protect our scalp. There are many unknown facts that are hidden behind from our knowledge. We generally know that our hair can be straight or curly and it can be few shades of colors like Grey, black, and brown. There are amazing facts that can help to maintain your hair health.

Let us have a healthy smart look on those facts now. Healthy hair can mesmerize any one than any other parts of the body.

The main point to be noted lies in washing the hair. It is not recommended to wash hair on a daily basis and leaving your hair without washing it over a long period of time. Both the cases create unnecessary damage to the hair.

Fun Fact: Washing gives our hair elasticity and we can make funny things to the hair at that time like trying different hair styles and can do straightening/curling the hair.

The other method is concentrating on diet plans that provide a healthy look to your hair. All your intakes reflects o your hair growth and the health of hair depends on it.

Fun Fact: Do you know that all information regarding the drugs that you have taken will be shown in your hair strand. It can be used as important evidence anywhere and at anytime.

Note: I personally understood about this as one of my friend mentioned “I had to pass a hair drug test” to get qualified for his successful career.

The next point that has to be taken into account to maintain out hair health is coloring. Coloring your hair often, results in severe damage of hair and the hair stops growing and also it will cause severe hair fall.

Fun Fact: The majority of the world’s population has black colored hair. Red is considered to be the rarest color throughout the world.